Man Sets Off Fireworks Under Frozen Lake And It’s Awesome

Man Sets Off Fireworks Under Frozen Lake And It's Awesome

In Sweden, it gets incredibly COLD in the winter because of its location. It is considered one of the Nordic countries along with Denmark, Iceland, Finland, and Norway. Not just cold, but freezing with temperatures averaging around 21°F – 34°F in January. But some areas rarely see the sun rise during January & February, and this can cause the temperatures to drop to 5°F. Now that is cold. So what do you do when it’s freezing cold outside, the lake has frozen over so you can’t fish without the proper equipment, and you have an excess of fireworks? Well, you see what would happen if you put lit fireworks under a frozen lake. Check out this video.

I don’t think he was expecting that! He seemed a little nervous just putting the hole into the ice with the broom. But wow, that was quite the result. I sure am glad everyone kept all of their limbs and appendages because that was awesome to watch.

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