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Physicist Shoots Himself With A Gun Underwater For Crazy Science Experiment

Physicist Shoots Himself With A Gun Underwater For Crazy Science Experiment

People in the world have been doing some pretty dumb things since the dawn of time. Luckily for us, we have the internet that allows these people to share their terrible ideas with the world. Although what this guy does seems insanely stupid, he does have one thing on his side; science! Science dictates that there are certain laws in the universe that will give us a predictable outcome each and every single time we repeat the same action. He has the not so brilliant idea to take a high-powered rifle and shoot it directly at his torso! You read that right, he points a gun at his torso from a very short distance and pulls the trigger. It might seem like an absolutely terrible idea with only one outcome but there’s a catch. He does this while under water. Scientific laws say that this should go one way and one way only. Well by the look on his face before he pulls the trigger you can easily tell that he’s not so sure. I wasn’t expecting this to happen but then again I’m no scientist. Take a look at the video below and get ready to cringe!

This rifle is designed to shoot hundreds of yards with extremely deadly power and accuracy. I can’t say that I was expecting that and my hat goes off to this guy for his bravery. I’d rather take someone’s word for it rather than test it myself. Especially when there is a potential outcome of death. Either way it was pretty awesome to watch the projectile disperse all that water around it.

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