Terrifying Fire Tornado Caught On Camera

Terrifying Fire Tornado Caught On Camera

Being a firefighter is often glamorized in hollywood, so much that we can forget how much actual danger these brave men and women go through. My father is a volunteer firefighter, and he has told me a few stories here and there of some pretty bad situations he has found himself in. House fires are scary enough, now imagine that you have hundreds of acres of incredibly dry forest burning around you. Pretty scary thought right? Well that has been the situation for quite a few summers in California now, and the summer of 2014 was no different. Wild fires near San Marcos, CA threatened to burn down residential areas. Firefighters were battling furiously to keep the blaze contained, and to spare numerous homes from a fiery destruction. That’s when something I have only ever seen in movies appeared right before their eyes. A giant swirling twister of fire, commonly known as a fire tornado or a fire whirl. The scientific principals behind the formation of fire tornadoes are much the same of those involving the formation of dust devils. The fire causes the ground to quickly heat up. This heat causes the air directly above the ground to rise at a rapid rate. If the wind is just right, it can cause the rising air to begin to rotate, similar to a tornado. The result is a fire tornado, a terrifying display of the raw destructive power of mother nature.

Check Out The Gripping Footage Of This Incredible Fire Tornado!

The heat coming off of this fire must have been horrifically intense. I have to say if I saw one of those in real life I would be scared out of my mind. The fact that people actually sign up to face stuff like this is pretty incredible. While not all firefighters may face situations like this on a daily basis, what they do for our communities on everyday deserves the same amount of respect.

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