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2 Friends Sneak Into Movie Theater Disguised As One Large Man

2 Friends Sneak Into Movie Theater Disguised As One Large Man

Laughter is the best medicine they say. If that turns out to be true and your sick, be prepared to be cured. Pranks have always been a fun part of comedy. Sometimes they can be taken too far…actually a lot of the times they can be taken too far. Especially with the development of the internet and viral videos. There are good pranks out there though that don’t involve someone getting hurt. A classic comedy scenario that has been around for ages is when two people squeeze into one set of clothes, and sneak one of them into the movie theater. It’s a timeless prank, but I’ve never actually seen it done before, until now that is. Two friends decided it would be funny to shove themselves into an outfit together, and see if the ruse really works. Check out how they did it below!

2 Friends Sneak Into Movie Theater Disguised As One Large Man

The proportions look a little off. The legs and neck area seem extremely skinny compared to the torso. I’ve seen people who look like this though, so I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Check Out The Video Showing Their Whole Adventure!

Pretty damn hilarious if you ask me. People might be angry that these guys are stealing money from the movie theater. Come on though, for how much they charge for a large popcorn they can handle not getting paid for one ticket. Even though they got caught multiple times, that just adds to the hilarity of it all. Eventually they accomplished their goal though, and lucky for us they documented the whole thing.

Written by Dan Edmund

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