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Couple Records Their Graceful Great Dane Run 30 MPH Alongside Their UTV

What comes to mind if you hear that someone owns a fast dog? Your answer is most likely the majestic Greyhound because they are most commonly raced for sport with the ability to run as fast as 45 mph.  Which is impressive, considering a race horse can reach speeds up to 44 mph when racing.  What might not come to mind when talking about fast dog breeds is one of the largest dog breeds in the world.  Great Danes seem to have the body shape similar to a greyhound but they are more known for their strength, which lends itself to being a guard dog or pulling carts than racing. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t fast dogs.  Jessie is a black Great Dane who shows just how fast her breed can be.  She may not be comparable to a Greyhound or a thoroughbred horse but she is fast nonetheless!

In this video Jessie reaches 30 mph racing alongside her owner driving their UTV. And that’s not even the fastest she has been clocked.  The owner claims that she once reached 32 mph! She may not be able to hold her own against a Greyhound but I bet she could outrun an intruder trying to break into her owner’s home, which is what she was bred to do!