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Fan Catches A Flying Bat One-Handed Without Spilling His Beer While Saving His Wife

Fan Catches A Flying Bat One-Handed Without Spilling His Beer While Saving His Wife

When it comes to watching sports, you may have seen a good catch or two but you have never seen one like this! As the St. Paul Saints took on the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks a RedHawk batter swung and missed. The baseball bat slipped out of his hands and went flying. The heavy bat went speeding into the crowd. This is the time where fans are supposed to get out-of-the-way as fast as possible. A Minnesota baseball fan, or hero as I like to call him, did no such thing. He instead calmly caught the bat with one hand, while holding a beer in the other hand. So not only did he save his wife from getting her face smashed in with a bat, but he saved his beer from hitting the pavement. That’s right, he did not spill the beer! As I said this man is a hero. Take a look at the video below as a fan catches a baseball bat.

I am sure he has replayed that moment a million times over in his head. Do you think it will get him out of doing things around the house? Wife, “Take out the trash.” Husband, “Um remember when I caught the bat that was going to destroy you?” Wife, “we are going to my parents for Thanksgiving.” Husband, “Nope. I am a hero.” All joking aside, he received a practice bat as a memento of the game. Have you ever wondered how many balls or bats that go flying into the stands are actually fatal? Surprisingly in the past 150 years, only one fan at a major league baseball game has been killed by a foul ball. It was a  14-year-old in Los Angeles named Alan Fish.

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