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These Insane Domino Tricks Will Mesmerize You All Day

These Insane Domino Tricks Will Mesmerize You All Day

Maybe it’s my ADHD symptoms, or maybe I just had better things to do, but these guys are absolutely insane. Now, I am not saying that I have never played with dominoes, I’ve just never gotten into extreme dominoes. I spent time building castles, and occasionally made a cool little path and knocked them over but nothing out of the ordinary or excessive like this. I usually had about a half hour worth of dominoes play in me, but then I would have to call it quits so I could go play outside. What these folks have embarked upon is a borderline psychotic obsession. I mean, to be able to claim world records for your extreme dominoes building experiences, that’s just crazy. Taking an estimated 3 months to build something that will reward you with less than a four-minute video, well, that takes some serious dedication that is way beyond my personal level of achievement. Watch below as Hevesh5 and Millionendollarboy attempt to blow your mind with an absolutely insane display of patience and precision in this extreme domino video.

Honestly, my mind was already blown in the first 5 seconds. That whole ordeal took an astounding amount of talent, design and time to perfect.

And in this following, Hevesh5 teams up with SuperMarMarMan1 for another mesmerizing display in this extreme domino video that includes a self-proclaimed world record Domino Bee Pyramid at minute mark 3:37.

If you have the time and patience to accomplish something this amazing, there is no shame in that. As a matter of fact, my hat goes off to you. Take pride in your sense of accomplishment and your amazing ability to see something through to the end. If you’re like me and you are just incapable of such a feat, I guess extreme dominoes just isn’t for you. Go ahead and how your respect by leaving your praise (or ridicule) in the comments section below.

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