This Is Probably The Best AND Manliest Reaction To A Pregnancy Announcement Ever… LOL

Justin and Sarah Hall wanted to capture her parent’s reactions when they announced their pregnancy. So they hid a camera and decorated the wall in a spare bedroom with baby bags, onesies, bibs, and a piece of paper announcing that Baby Hall was due 4-27-14. Although their baby would be over a year old by now, this video is still amazing due to the reaction of the grandpa-to-be when he thought no one was watching. He even looked around the room, as though to verify that he was alone before indicating how he felt about his daughter having a baby of her own. You really have to see this:

It makes you wonder if they weren’t planning on having a baby, or maybe they weren’t able to, especially since her mother accused her of lying about the pregnancy. But I absolutely LOVE grandpa’s reaction, how he jumps up in the air, and hops around in silent exuberance! This is the absolute best response you can ever hope for when telling people your good news! It will be so fun, in several years, to show this little baby girl or boy this video so they can see for themselves how wanted and loved he or she was before they were even born!


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