Top Photos From The 2015 Beard Competition

Top Photos From The 2015 Beard Competition

Facial hair has definitely made a comeback as a trendy style over the past few years. More and more men around the world are starting to sport some sort of mustache or even just a few weeks worth of stubble. Clean shaven has definitely been the predominant mens style since I have been growing up, so this is a pretty big change. A subculture of people who are so passionate about their facial hair that they even compete with it has also formed. I’ve been following the High West Beard facebook page who posts beards from around the world every day and they are insanely unique to say the least! These men take years growing out their epic beards. Countless hours are spent deciding on just how to style their man mane to beat out the competition. The World Beard and Mustache Championship is the biggest battleground their is for these proud men and their amazing beards. These guys put it all on the line and take their complex beard creations up a notch for this special challenge. These works of art, because that is what they truly are, are truly amazing.

This was the venue for this years World Beard and Mustache Championship. The event took place in the town of Leogang, Austria.

The event featured over 300 men from 20 different countries.

Contestants compete in 18 different categories that are spread across three divisions. The divisions are mustache, partial beard, and full beard.

Top Photos From The 2015 Beard Competition

If you aren’t sporting some serious facial hair, you might just want to sit in the crowd and watch.

I think this gentleman’s beard, my personal favorite, should convey the seriousness that these guys bring to this competition.

This would be a pretty weird gang to run across in any other circumstance.

Top Photos From The 2015 Beard Competition

Three of the categories included in the 18 were best goatee, best stubble, and best fashion beard. I think the gentleman above will certainly qualify for the last one.

I feel that in order to fit in here you must be wearing some sort of odd hat.

This man won the full beard freestyle category.

This crazy looking stache actually won the moustache freestyle category.

This awesome contest is held once every two years.

Top Photos From The 2015 Beard Competition

The 2011 competition was held in Norway, while the one in 2009 was held in Alaska.

This guy has got some serious curls going on.

These are probably the best mutton chops I have ever seen in my life.

Top Photos From The 2015 Beard Competition

It definitely looks like a lot of work goes into making these facial hair creations come to life.

No matter win or lose though, two beards are always better than one.

Everyone has different things they are passionate about. Some people truly enjoy sports, others music or cars. These gentlemen have embraced styled facial hair as their passion of choice. Attending one of these competitions would truly be an experience you would probably never forget.  It will probably make you want to start growing that beard out as well.

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