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How To Marble Eggs With Nail Polish

How To Marble Eggs With Nail Polish

Just in case you are oblivious to upcoming holidays, there are only 10 short days left until Easter. It’s time to get going and get ready for the festive holiday. You might have your traditions already in place, which might include visiting the Easter bunny, an Easter egg hunt, and dying Easter eggs. But sometimes it is fun to switch up the normal traditions a little bit to make them more exciting. That is exactly what this mom does in the following YouTube video. She takes the ordinary craft of dying Easter eggs, but instead of using the normal method of colored water and stickers, she uses something most people would never think to use; nail polish. The results of this unique way to decorate Easter eggs is sure to be a crowd pleaser and your kids will absolutely love it. My only advice, be sure to use room-temperature water for best results. Watch below to see the tutorial on dying Easter eggs with nail polish.

Such a simple and fun way to dye Easter eggs. My favorite part? The way that each Easter egg is completely unique, no two eggs will look the same. And because dying Easter eggs with nail polish is so easy, with super easy clean up, anybody can do it. I think kids of all ages will enjoy this fun Easter project.

Have you tried a unique way of dying Easter eggs?

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