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Drunk Man Trying Hard To Use ATM Machine Gets Blasted By His Beer

Drunk Man Trying Hard To Use ATM Machine Gets Blasted By His Beer

We’ve seen a lot of funny videos and posts about drunk people. Some of these people should really considering giving up alcohol completely because not only are they embarrassing themselves, but they are probably a danger to themselves and all of the people around them. After a long night of drinking, you’re almost guaranteed a hangover from hell, which is never a good thing to wake up to. After watching this video, I can guarantee this guy will have a hangover and he is definitely going to be regretting everything that happened to him that day. Luckily it was all caught on camera by a Good Samaritan standing in line. This guy decided to drink more than he probably should have, then went to the ATM with his beer in tow. Just wait until you see what happens.

He’s probably lucky this happened. I can’t imagine what would have happened if he were to go to the ATM, withdraw all of his money, then fall over. That beer saved him from spending a fortune! I’m so glad that somebody had their camera ready when this guy visited the ATM. I wonder if that beer woke him up, or maybe it got him a little more drunk.

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