Dave Grohl Invited A Fan That Was Holding A Sign Onstage And Was Blown Away By The Guy’s Performance

Dave Grohl Invited A Fan That Was Holding A Sign Onstage And Was Blown Away By The Guy's Performance

Dave Grohl, frontman for the Foo Fighters, got his start as the drummer for the famed grunge icon Nirvana. Like you didn’t already know! What you may not know is all of the other acts that he’s been associated with like: Scream, Dain Bramage, Probot, Queens Of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures, Tenacious D, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Now with a resume like this, you’d probably think that this guy’s totally got his head in the clouds, but that’s not the case. While performing onstage with the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl notices a sign that a fan is holding over his head. The sign read something like “I play drums.” Dave invites this fan onstage for a once in a lifetime opportunity to fulfill his dreams of playing drums for the Foo Fighters. I love how Dave Grohl playfully talks smack and teases this fan and it can still be explained as the “Best Experience Ever!” Watch the video below to see how Anthony Bifolchi hold up under the pressure of playing drums for the Foo Fighters!

If I had the opportunity to jump behind the drums for the Foo Fighters, I would care less what Dave Grohl said to me. I’m still laughing about his comments. “You better not suck, I’m trusting you right now.” That’s fair enough. I wouldn’t want the momentum of the show ruined by giving an amateur drummer a shot. “If you suck on the drums, I will personally tar and feather you backstage!” Tar and feather… That seems a little excessive. “You ain’t playing that f***ing song, that’s the last one we’re going to play tonight, d**k dong!” I wonder how many years are going to have to pass before he loses that new found nickname! “We got a song called Big Me, you know that song? It’s the easiest one and if you f**k this one up you’re going to look like a total a$$hole.”

Anthony did pretty good, especially considering how nerve wracking this whole situation had to be. When he goes to hug all the members of the band and slightly extend his 15 minutes of fame, Grohl taunts him by saying, “Stalker… STALKER!”
This one little kind act by a famous musician and Anthony Bifolchi has an amazing story to tell for the rest of his life!

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