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Guy Rescues Drone He Lost Two Months Ago With New Drone

Guy Rescues Drone He Lost Two Months Ago With New Drone

Drones are a relatively new technology, but have already been proven to have many applications in our modern society. More and more people are becoming drone enthusiasts and getting in the fun they can bring. Unfortunately for the guy who recorded this video, had lost a drone already on his rooftop. So it was time for a drone rescue. Fortunately for him, he had another one waiting on standby. This clever drone rescue was accomplished pretty simply actually. The drone owner equipped his rescue drone with some line and tied two big fish hooks to the end. He wrapped the first hooks in tape to give them more grip, and to probably not scratch up drone in need of rescue. Expertly piloting his drone above the neighborhood, the operation was a go. The music in the video adds a nice, if not funny, dramatic touch to the whole operation. It’s kind of like a an inception style video, a drone rescue being performed and recorded by another drone. Luckily for this guy he was able to accomplish the mission without any hiccups, even proficiently I might add.


Smooth as the other side of the pillow! This guy pulled this drone rescue off like he had been doing this all his life. I really didn’t think this was going to go as well as it did. When someone tries something like this, it usually goes horribly wrong. Either the person doesn’t know what they are doing or the technology fails them. Well in this case the same technology that failed him was also the one that saved his drone! Drones are becoming more and more of a source of controversy in society because of privacy violations. As long as people keep posting cool videos like this though, I will definitely be watching them.

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