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Drones Sacrificed For Stunning Footage Of Volcano

Drones Sacrificed For Stunning Footage Of Volcano

It seems like everywhere you turn someone is using their drone to capture incredible video and photography. And that is no different for a brave explorer named Sam Cossman. He and his crew decided to go to Vanuatu and take their drones and GoPros to video tape something that has never been done before, an active volcano. Lava from a volcano can reach over 1250 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a danger zone that surrounds a volcano which is about a 20 mile radius. Needless to say, to capture the below footage is a rare event due to the risk of that danger zone.

An erupting volcano can trigger tsunamis, flash floods, earthquakes, mudflows and rockfalls. Lucky for this crew, they only lost two drones during the process, but they were able to obtain tons of video and photography of the 7.5 mile long volcano. This type of new information is beneficial for scientists to learn and do never before done research of volcanoes. Would you dare visit an active volcano site just to get incredible footage like this? It’s amazing that a drone can capture an active volcano like this.

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