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Reporter Saves Someone’s Life From A Raging Flood

Very recently, a state of emergency has been placed on many parts of Southeastern Texas. Torrential rains have created flash floods in many different counties. There have been over 1,000 homes flooded and residents have been put in a panic. The images floating around the internet show the extent of the damage. News reports continue to come in and one report has stood out among the others for one pretty ridiculous but very real reason. While a news reporter was filming a car that was sunk under an overpass, a resident in a Prius no more than 10 feet away decides to drive straight into the water. The next few minutes will definitely have you scratching your head. Take a look at the video below.

I’m not quite sure what this guy was thinking. Even if he didn’t think it was that deep, why didn’t he test it by taking it really slow? Based on his question as to what to do while his car was sinking, I doubt this guy has ever had to handle a stressful situation before. He really only had one choice and that was to get to swimming. At least he’s okay and thankfully there was a brave reporter on the scene.