Guy Falls Out Of Car While Trying To Grab His Food From The Window Of The Drive-Thru

Guy Falls Out Of Car While Trying To Grab His Food From The Window Of The Drive-Thru

We’ve all had those days where the world just seems to want to keep smacking us in the face. No matter what we do or how hard we try, life just won’t throw us a break. That is what I want to imagine this guy was going through when he entered the McDonald’s drive thru this fateful day. He probably just wanted a tasty Mcgriddle to try to salvage what had already been a terrible morning. They say God laughs at the plans of men however, and this man was destined to be part of an epic drive thru fail. This day was out to completely breakdown this mere mortal picking up his sandwich. The man who made this drive thru fail made the classic, and almost always fatal mistake of pulling ridiculously far away from the drive thru window. I mean this is almost a comically far distance to try to receive your food from. He treated this trip to the drive thru like an Olympic baton race where he is trying to grab the baton and keep his running start going. Watch as this epic drive thru fail unfolds before your eyes!

Check Out This Epic Drive Thru Fail In The Video Below!

Well that ended better than I could have ever imagined! This guy totally eats it while extending for the goal line like a running back going in for the winning touchdown. It really is astonishing that some people just don’t see the common sense approach of putting your car in park, opening the door, getting out and grabbing the bag. I kind of admire his determination though, he refused to give up on grabbing that bag and it gave us this incredible video and for that we thank you.

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