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She Gave A Stranger A Kidney, So He Gave Her His Heart

She Gave A Stranger A Kidney, So He Gave Her His Heart

Only about 1% of kidney donations across the world come from strangers. To be a little more specific, overall in Kentucky last year, there were 135 kidney transplants, only 33 involving living donors. But that didn’t stop Ashley McIntyre, when she heard of a man in dire need of a kidney donation. His story was broadcasted on a WHAS radio show, Danny Robinson had been diagnosed at age 16 with IgA nephropathy, which occurs when an antibody lodges in the kidneys, causing inflammation that gradually damages kidney function.  McIntyre decided to see if she was a match, although in the back of her mind she assumed with how rare it was that she wouldn’t be. But to her surprise she was and that is how the story of love unfolded.

Neither of them expected the end result to be like this. Not only was his life saved due to the generosity of her, but now his life will forever be changed due to her selfless love. She wanted to share their unique love story with the world to encourage people to donate and help to save people’s lives. What are your thoughts?

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