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Donkey Rescued From Septic Tank

Donkey Rescued From Septic Tank

When the Animal Aid Unlimited team got a call about a donkey trapped in a septic tank under a house they rushed over to save the animal in distress, but when they arrived they were confused as to how a donkey of his size got himself trapped in the square hole the size of small box. The donkey was confined to standing in frigid, dirty water up to his chest.

The team jumped into action and attempted to make the hole bigger by breaking the cement away with a cement pick. After a lack of success they brought in a jack hammer and hammered away for hours until the hole was big enough for a couple of rescuers to hop into the mucky, filthy water with the donkey. Once down in the hole the rescuers wrapped up the scared donkey in a blanket and ropes and hoisted him up successfully.

Watch the video below to see the heart touching rescue!

How tender is the donkey’s playful demeanor with his rescuers after he has been saved?

If you’d like to feel like a hero too and rescue animals in need, you can help by donating to Animal Aid Unlimited.

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