They Were Digging For Survivors After A Deadly Landslide And Found A Buried Dog Still Alive!

They Were Digging For Survivors After A Deadly Landslide And Found A Buried Dog Still Alive!

If you’ve ever lived through a natural disaster, you know what an absolutely traumatic experience it can be. Your whole life can just be ripped away in an instant, without any notice whatsoever. It can leave you feeling helpless and completely vulnerable. While it may only take a few seconds for your entire world to be turned upside down and inside out, it can take years just to begin the process of recovering what was lost. It isn’t just humans that can have these problems, animals are often forgotten victims in the aftermath of serious natural disasters. Two years ago in the Guatemalan town of Joya Grande, a massive mudslide tore through the unsuspecting town. Unfortunately, 50 people lost their lives during the landslide. Rescue teams converged on the town two days later in hopes of saving anyone they could. They were digging through the dirt when they found something that will break your heart.

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This poor thing! One of my biggest fears is being buried alive. As a human though, I can understand what is going on. This would allow me to possibly formulate a plan to somehow get myself above ground. Animals really don’t understand what is happening when natural disasters like this occur. This dog was probably extremely frightened and had no idea how to get out of the situation it found itself in. The dog was looked over by some vets. It was found to be dehydrated and shaken up, but otherwise it was in perfect health. The rescue organization decided to name the El Fortunado, which means “The Lucky One.” A very fitting name for this extremely fortunate animal. Hopefully this pup was able to find a home with caring and loving owner, and it can forget the harrowing experience it had during the landslide.

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