How This German Shepherd Reacts To This Stuffed Tiger Is Too Funny

How This German Shepherd Reacts To This Stuffed Tiger Is Too Funny

If you walked into your kitchen and saw a strange man you didn’t know standing there, how would you react? It might look a little like the video below. The owners of this German Shepherd brought home a toy stuffed tiger, set it down in their kitchen and started rolling the camera to capture what their dog would do. And sure enough the German Shepherd was not okay with having a tiger hanging out in his kitchen! I mean, who would be!? His reaction was priceless. This makes me want to go out and get a stuffed tiger to see what my fearless dog would do. He would probably just lick it to death. This video is pretty telling of how well this dog would protect his home and the people in it. Take a look below as this German Shepherd dog meets a stuffed tiger for the first time.

This video was posted by YouTube user Charley Shankar, who admits that he or she doesn’t know its origins. The owner of the dog has not come forward to date. Maybe they want to remain anonymous so all the other dogs on the block don’t make fun of the pup for being scared of a stuffed animal. After all he has a reputation to uphold.

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