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Chemical Reaction Brings Dead Fish Back To Life

Chemical Reaction Brings Dead Fish Back To Life

Camping is a great way for a family to come together and have some amazing experiences. There are so many adventures you can have, not to mention all the different activities there are to do. Carmel and her family are regular campers, and know their way around the woods. Carmel will usually stay and setup the campsite while her husband and son will go fishing for the night’s meal. It’s a great way for a family to bond, and can produce some tasty results. At the end of the whole trip, everyone just feels better. Well this camping trip was going just like any other. The family was preparing the fish that had been caught that day. Carmel gave a sprinkle of salt and a splash of lemon juice to the Dog Fish that they were going to eat, when something that seems completely unnatural started to happen.

Ok, these fish are definitely possessed. They are clearly gutted and skinned, there is no way this should be happening right? Wrong. There is a scientific explanation to what is happening here. The salt, combined with the lemon juice apparently causes are chemical reaction that results in the motor receptors of the fishes muscles firing. This doesn’t seem to be a commonly known fact however, as I’ve seen dozens of people freak out over a fish doing this. I won’t pretend it wouldn’t freak me out a little bit though. Imagine thinking you caught a fish and having an Alligator on the line though? I think that would cause a bit more of a scare.

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