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Dog Hilariously Thinks Through The Problem After Getting Stuck On A Bridge

Dog Hilariously Thinks Through The Problem After Getting Stuck On A Bridge

I believe dogs have a very unique personality. Each dog has a certain way of doing tasks and activities that have no real explanation behind them. I love watching dogs and their personalities grow throughout their life. They learn interesting habits, but are incredibly smart and talented animals too. I think we can learn a lot from dogs about everlasting love, the small things in life that should bring us joy daily, and their determination. Theo, a Braque Wiemar, was wandering in the forest with his owner when he found a new play toy, a stick longer than his own body. Ecstatic about his new find, he was ready to bring it home. One problem, the stick wouldn’t pass through the bridge that was required to be crossed for his journey home. But that doesn’t stop Theo. Watch in the below dog video how determined he is to bring the stick home with him, but the ending is the best part.

Although this video might be described as adorable, funny, and cute, we can learn a lot from Theo. Life is going to throw so many almost impossible tasks in our way, but never give up, never lose hope. After some careful thought, you can accomplish any obstacle that stands in front of you.

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Written by Erica Hatch

Erica is all about the following: Hubby, Chai Lattes, DIY Projects, Cooking, My Puppy, Taking Naps, Being an Auntie, Decorating, Shopping, and Vacations.

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