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How To Make A Stunning Picture On A Piece Of Wood

How To Make A Stunning Picture On A Piece Of Wood

Whenever I see scraps of wood around the yard or on the side of the road, all I can think about is useful firewood and how much I love the smell of the great outdoors. But now that I saw what this woman created with just a piece of wood, a picture, Mod Podge, and a gel medium, I’ll be re-evaluating the way I look at ‘garbage’. This looks so easy and like a lot of fun. It also looks pretty fool-proof, so I’m all over that. Watch the video as she creates an easy DIY wood picture.

She does mention that you should make sure it’s a laser printed picture on regular copy paper. It’s also best if the wood has been sanded down so it’s nice and smooth. Both Mod Podge and the gel medium can be found at your local craft store. Seriously, how are people so creative and here I am thinking of starting things on fire instead! I’ll be collecting some wood during the next few days so I can do this project.

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