Keep The Summer Bugs Away With This Simple Trick

Keep The Summer Bugs Away With This Simple Trick

Summer can be amazing. It’s full of BBQ’s with friends and family, kids playing in the sprinklers, and relaxing at night in the warm summer heat. But one of the things that I hate about summer are the mosquitoes. If I’m out by any body of water during the summer, it’s pretty much guaranteed that I will get bit at least a few times. While the mosquito bites themselves are terrible, because they get all itchy and swollen, mosquitoes are just pests in general. Mosquitoes are known to carry diseases such as West Nile Virus, along with malaria, dengue fever, and chikungunya. Some of the symptoms that can occur with these diseases are fever, body aches, dizziness, and confusion. While the itchiness and swollen bite show up within a few hours, some of these more harsh symptoms can take as long as two weeks to show up. While not all mosquito bites will lead to disease, it’s always good to protect yourself from mosquitoes when possible, and here is a perfect DIY mosquito trap project just in time for summer.

This looks so easy and it’s really inexpensive too! For under $2.00, you can save yourself and your guests from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes this summer. All it takes are four items to make this: 2-liter bottle, water, brown sugar, and yeast. A lot of people already have those items on hand making this extremely do-able. It’s great for BBQ’s, camping, fishing, and really any outdoor activity that comes with a ton of mosquitoes. I’ll be making this over the weekend to save myself from those pesky mosquito bites!

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