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DIY Electric Skateboard Using Things From Around The House

DIY Electric Skateboard Using Things From Around The House

When I was a kid, scooters were the new cool mode of transportation. If you couldn’t drive, you most likely had a bicycle or a scooter while you were younger. Then one day as I was rolling down the sidewalk, I saw a kid I knew from school with a scooter. It wasn’t just any scooter though, it was an electric-powered scooter! It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I knew I had to have one…..unfortunately fate does not shine on us all and my dream was never realized. I eventually grew up, got a car, and forgot all about the thing I had wanted most in the world. After moving to a decent sized city, I realized that driving my car everywhere was not the most ideal way to get around. Especially when gas prices were at their peak. I started looking into alternative forms of transportation, and found something incredibly awesome. It was an electric skateboard. Unfortunately, the price tag was once again an obstacle just like with the electric scooter I wanted. Just today though, a friend of mine tipped me off to this DIY electric skateboard, and I have to say it’s pretty fricken awesome.  You’re definitely gonna want to watch this.

Pretty awesome right? I would have never thought to use a power drill to move this thing around. The speed tops out around 10 mph, which is not that fast. When you are making something for as cheap as this though, you can’t have everything right? The materials for building this thing aren’t expensive at all either.

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