Some Think This Disneyland Surveillance Camera Caught Walt Disney’s Ghost

Some Think This Disneyland Surveillance Camera Caught Walt Disney's Ghost

The happiest place on earth is none other than Disneyland. Full of magical lands, extremely happy workers, and rides that take you to another world. But some believe that there are urban legends surrounding the happy park. They have stated that the ride “It’s A Small World” is full of past park employee’s spirits, with lights flickering on and off and different parts of the attraction having odd special effects. That might help explain the creepiness behind that ride! Others believe that Walt Disney himself still lives in the park and can be spotted roaming the grounds late at night. One security guard wanted to prove this Disneyland urban legend by using the security cameras in the park. See for yourself below.

Now I am not sure if I necessarily believe in ghosts, but after watching this video it is kind of hard not to. It was hard to see at first, but you can definitely see something on there. It’d be interesting to see a ghost hunter TV show visit Disneyland and see what’s haunting this tourist attraction. This Disneyland urban legend just might be true. What do you think?

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