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Dashcam Caught 2×4 Going Through Window That Came Inches From Taking Driver’s Life

Dashcam Caught 2x4 Going Through Window That Came Inches From Taking Driver's Life

Driving is a risky business. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you drive, or how well you drive. There are always going to be idiots out there that make the road less safe for everyone. Defensive driving is key for being safe on the road. I never understood how valuable it can be until I rear ended someone. If I hadn’t been following so close, the accident may not have happened. I have since adjusted my driving style to give a more safe distance to the drivers in front of me. There are some things on the road that are completely unavoidable though. YouTube user Wendy Cobb found this out the hard way when she had a close brush with death while traveling on a highway in Shelby, North Carolina. Check out her harrowing encounter below!

Talk about a close call. This thing was literally inches from impaling her. She was able to keep her cool though and not panic and crash the car, as I’m sure many people would have done. This situation can become a common occurrence when people don’t secure things to their vehicle. A good friend of mine was actually killed when a piece of firewood flew out of the bed of a truck and pierced her windshield and knocked her unconscious. Her car then crashed into a side railing. The situation was extremely tragic, and could have all been avoided if people would just make sure they don’t have items falling out of their vehicles.

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