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David Bowie’s Last Music Video Was A Carefully Planned Goodbye To All Of Us

David Bowie’s death caused much of the world to mourn. The rock icon left a legacy that few people could ever hope to match. Tributes have come in from all over the world. Celebrities shared how they felt about the legendary musician all over social media. It has really seemed to affect people quite a bit. It seems Bowie had been preparing for the end for a while however. Watching his last music video, it’s hard not to see it. It seems the whole video is a message to everyone about how he was at peace with his illness, and how he knows his time is coming to and end. Check out David Bowie’s last music video and see what he was trying to tell everyone.

That is a pretty powerful and moving music video. You could definitely see the emotion he put into every aspect of this amazing song. He seemed to know that his time left on Earth was short, and he wanted us to remember him in a certain way. The very end of the video where he disappears from view seems to hold an incredible amount of symbolism. There will truly never been another musician like David Bowie.

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