Man Trains Seagull To Dance On Command

Man Trains Seagull To Dance On Command

Seagulls are known throughout the world as a pesky bird that annoys beach goers. Food always seems to be the motivation for a seagull and it’s no different for this little guy. This Welsh man really seems to have done what we all wished we could at one point and trained this seagull. While most people may have just trained them to stay away, this man teaches one to perform on command for food. The dancing seagull seems to fully comprehend when this man is telling him to dance. Somehow I think it has something to do with the fact that this dancing seagull has picked up on the fact that he will get some food if he does it, but that’s just me. The way this dancing seagull taps his feet is just absolutely hilarious though!

Check Out This Dancing Seagull Video!

This dancing seagull really puts on a show! His buddy seems to want to get in on the action but just doesn’t have the moves apparently. It really is a wonder how this guy got this seagull to understand the tapping of his feet concept. I’ve never seen a bird that is willing to do something like this for some food. I am really curious to see what else this little bird could learn if food was on the line. I may have to make a trip to the beach this summer and see what kind of things I could teach seagulls to do.

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