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This Treadmill Dance Routine Will Funk You Up

This Treadmill Dance Routine Will Funk You Up

A lot of you have probably heard the song “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars over and over again. If you would have asked me what the song sounded like, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. But as soon as I watched this video, I knew exactly what song it was because I’ve heard it so many times. It reminds me a lot of the cool treadmill video by OK Go called “Here We Go Again”. It’s pretty impressive and it’s amazing to see the talent that some people possess. When Carson Dean heard “Uptown Funk”, he knew exactly what to do to make this one of the most epic treadmill workouts ever. Just so you know, Carson is a singer, choreographer, and actor so he was able to choreograph this perfectly, but since he is a professional, don’t try this at home! I will warn you, I got tired just watching the video and needed a break! Honestly, he makes this look incredibly easy. If I tried this, I’d fall flat on my face and probably knock myself out or break some bones. Check out this dance routine on a treadmill:

How in the world does he dance like that, especially while on a moving treadmill? It definitely took some planning, but he was able to do this video in one shot and really made it work. Hopefully for him, all the hard work he put into this video pays off and gets him recognized by someone in Hollywood. Thank you Carson, for making us all feel extremely out of shape with your dance routine on a treadmill!

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