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Dad Of The Year Narrates Almost 6 Minutes Of Students Slipping On Ice

Dad Of The Year Narrates Almost 6 Minutes Of Students Slipping On Ice

If you’re a dad waiting to pick up your child from school, and happen to observe student after student slipping on ice in the midst of wintry weather, it’s tough to fault you for finding some humor in the situation. Which is precisely what occurs in this six-minute clip that one such father filmed and posted, complete with running commentary. The video starts at what appears to be repeated occurrences from students passing by. Even when his child finally arrives in the car, the amusement continues. To quote the child at seeing the slippery shenanigans unfold with her fellow classmates, “This is really bad!” Well, we couldn’t agree more, but as no one appears hurt, we may have laughed a little while watching as well.

Admit it! As bad as you felt for the kids, you did laugh. It was hard not to honestly. Hopefully after this video was posted, the school and the city did something about the ice on this corner. Throwing a little bit of salt down will take care of the problem in no time at all. Or maybe, they’ll let the kids continue to fall because it is comical, but it’s definitely a lawsuit or insurance claim waiting to happen.

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