Prankster Dad Pretends To Blow Up Son In Front Of Girlfriend

Prankster Dad Pretends To Blow Up Son In Front Of Girlfriend

Roman Atwood has really blown up the past few years with his epic pranks on YouTube. This guy really has no limits and will do anything to get a laugh from his audience. This includes terrifying his girlfriend into what must have been really close to a heart attack. Roman and his girlfriend have a 3 years old son together, and she thinks they are out looking for at a used four- wheeler to buy. Roman obviously had this whole thing planned and setup before his girlfriend arrived. The thought that these whole videos are faked has crossed my mind quite a bit. After being with this guy for three years, and with his sudden explosion on YouTube for doing pranks, you would think that she would have learned to question anything like this.  She seems to fall for what happens hook, line and sinker and freaks out when the prank is finally pulled off. She reacts as any mother would if this happened to her child. She also reacts the way you think a mother would when they find out it was all just a prank. A prank pulled off by the father of their child no less. This video as a dad blows up his kid is hilarious, yet kind of horrible at the same time.

Check Out Roman Atwood Pulling Yet Another Hilarious Prank As This Dad Blows Up His Kid!

Pranks on other people is one thing, but making your baby’s mother think you just blew up your child? That is cold-blooded right there. I honestly don’t know how she kept her cool. After having had crazy stuff like this happen regularly now though, she is probably getting used to it. In any case, I’m not sure the drive home was so pleasant for Roman. He may be sleeping in the dog house for a long while after this particular prank.

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