Two Determined Dachshunds Help Dig Out The Giant Ship That Was Stuck In The Suez Canal

From March 23rd to March 29th, the massive ship called “Ever Given” was stuck in the Suez Canal after strong winds blew the container ship into a position where it blocked both banks of the shipping channel. It has become diagonally wedged across the canal which resulted in traffic having to be re-routed.

Luckily, two little helpers were there to help free the massive ship – two miniature dachshunds named Crusoe and Oakley. The miniatures were filmed frantically digging in the surrounding sand as they tried to free Ever Given. Wearing their pup-sized safety vests and hard-hats, they dug away with their little paws. The 1,300-foot container shipped was finally freed after 6 days.

The media doesn’t like to give us credit, but it was actually two hard working little wiener dogs who cleared the Suez Canal and freed the EverGreen container ship to continue on its way,” says Crusoe’s and Oakley’s human. “Thankfully those pups earned some well-deserved treats for their great digging and excavating skills! Good job, pups!”

More info: Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

You can check out more videos of Crusoe and Oakley on their Instagram and YouTube.

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