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Man Hits Spider With Broom Unleashing Hundreds Of Baby Spiders From Belly

Man Hits Spider With Broom Unleashing Hundreds Of Baby Spiders From Belly

Arachnophobia. No I am not talking about the movie; I’m talking about the uncontrollable fear of spiders. They don’t have to be big or hairy to be creepy and make your skin crawl. To me, the smaller, inconspicuous spiders are the ones that are really scary and cause me trauma. I don’t know where they are, where they’re going, where they came from, and they can escape into any minor crack or crevice in your home. Nothing makes you squirm and imagine creepy crawly sensations all over your body quite like seeing a spider just before you climb into your comfy sheets for the evening. I think it’s going to take at least an hour for my skin to stop itching and I am probably going to have to shower when I get home before I can go to bed. But by all means, feel free to show this to your significant other if they’re being a pest or if you just want to make their skin crawl.

This video was filmed as a man attempted to kill a wolf spider in South Australia. He filmed it to show his wife that the creepy spider had, in fact, been exterminated. The unlucky part is what happens next. Watch to find out how simply killing a spider can turn into a thing of nightmares.

And for safe measure, here’s another one where a larger, creepy spider actually gets stomped on, causing all the baby spiders resting on its abdomen to disperse and scatter in an attempt to find safety.

Now that I’ve exposed the internet’s abilities to cause you physical discomfort, I hope you don’t hold it against me when you’re having difficulties getting comfortable in your bed this evening.

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