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Video Of A Cop Jamming To Taylor Swift Is Just Perfect

Video Of A Cop Jamming To Taylor Swift Is Just Perfect

The Dover Police Department in Dover, Delaware probably has no idea that this officer had a hidden lip-syncing talent and a love for Taylor Swift. They recently released this video on their YouTube page. It’s one of their officers that apparently forgot the dash cam was on and decided to rock out to Taylor Swift while cruising down the road. The call it a “Dover Police Department Public Affairs Production.” It’s a nice reminder that we are all just people and we all do silly things.

He just sings along timidly, at first — though it’s clear he knows the lyrics — remnants of a frown still on his face. But then magic takes over, and he keeps cruising, can’t stop, won’t stop moving, it’s like he’s got this music in his mind, saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

My favorite part is when he sees pedestrians and stops to play it cool until they are out of site and then picks it right back up.

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