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Colorblind Man Sees Color For The First Time In His Life

Colorblind Man Sees Color For The First Time In His Life

How many times a day do you take the simple things in life for granted? Not because you’re trying to be rude or mean, but because you just don’t know any better. Sometimes you’ll see someone or hear a story that really makes you take a step back and re-evaluate how you approach things. For example, if you have both legs, you don’t necessarily think of the hardships and what you must overcome to be able to function at full capacity. But what about something as seemingly small as being colorblind? While it doesn’t necessarily seem as debilitating as someone who may have needed a limb amputated, it is still a disability that can be hard to work around. Did you know that men are more likely to be colorblind than women? Also the Facebook logo is blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green color blindness. It is extremely rare for someone to have complete color blindness, meaning they only see in black and gray. It is also possible to have one eye that has normal eye sight, and then the other eye can be color blind. This is called Unilateral Dichromacy. I’ve been seeing more and more stories about glasses that help a colorblind person see every color under the rainbow. And that’s exactly what happens in the video below. He’s never been able to see purple, pink looks off to him, and green is pretty dull, but just wait until you see how he reacts when he’s able to see purple for the very first time.

That is quite the reaction. It would be pretty incredible to not have any idea what pink, green, and purple actually look like, then all of a sudden have the ability to see these shades in all of their beauty. My husband is color blind and while it hasn’t really hindered his ability to perform every day tasks, it has gotten in the way when he wanted to be a pilot in the military. During World War II it was thought that color blind individuals had an advantage because of their ability to see the color green, and they were able to see through camouflage. I asked my husband about this a little bit, and while he said they don’t necessarily see through camouflage, they are able to pick out patterns and movement a little easier since they aren’t focused on the color.

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