Fire injures 400+ people in Taiwan

Fire injures 400+ people in Taiwan

The Color Festival has gained so much popularity in recent years that people are traveling many miles to enjoy the fun activities. The Holi Festival is also known as the Color Festival or the Festival of Love. The popular attraction is an ancient Hindu practice that symbolizes the attraction of good over evil. At an event at the Formosa Water Park in the Bali district of Taipei, people were celebrating “Color Day Asia”. It was a standard color festival where friends and family gathered to celebrate love and goodness with music, dance, celebration and food. Everyone was dancing and tossing packets of colored powder. People of all ages were enjoying the evening when disaster struck. Event organizers wanted to go above and beyond in order to deliver a big bang! Employees were walking around the event spraying everyone with the colored powder. Organizers also filled a cannon with the Holi powder and shot it out over the massive crowd of participants. What happens next is something right out of a terrifying nightmare that you would never want to be a part of. Take a look at the horrific video below of a color festival disaster in Taipei.

I’ve always wanted to attend one of these events. All of my friends go every year and tell me how much fun it is. It seems that, for about a week or two, that’s all I see on my Facebook timeline. After seeing this and knowing the dangers I’m happy that I haven’t been to one of these events yet. I don’t think I’ll be making next years either. This color festival disaster could happen anywhere. They use the same corn starch based powder and when there’s enough of it, it can be highly flammable. Experts believe that heat from the stage lights ignited the blast of powder. This unimaginable event in Taiwan has claimed the lives of 8 people as of July 20, 2015. Over 495 people are injured of which 199 are in critical condition. This color festival disaster has been called the “worst incident of mass injury in New Taipei”. I can’t even imagine how horrifying it would be to all of a sudden be engulfed in fire in every direction. My heart goes out to all the victims of this color festival disaster.

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source: Wikipedia

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