Video Of Chris Farley Voicing The Original Shrek Before He Passed Away

Video Of Chris Farley Voicing The Original Shrek Before He Passed Away

Chris Farley is a legend, pure and simple. The comedic gold he left behind after his death is a testament to what a giant figure he was in comedy. All we can do nowadays is sit back, watch his work, and think about what could have been if he could have overcome his drug addiction. One thing I would have never guessed he would have done is an animated movie. Apparently though, he was the original choice to voice the character Shrek in the film by the same name. He even did some of the voice work before he died. This video was just released showing Chris Farley playing Shrek and the voice talent that he possessed and what his version of Shrek would have sounded like. I have to say it sounds really good, and may have been even better than Mike Myers. Unfortunately we will never know how the whole movie would have turned out with Chris Farley playing Shrek, but we now have this one little piece to satisfy us a little.

Check Out This Video Of Chris Farley Playing Shrek

This version sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. You still get the same feeling about the ogre with Chris Farley voicing him. I really would have liked to see what this whole movie would have been like if he had been able to finish it. Mike Myers did a brilliant job in the role however, and it ended up being a fantastic movie all around. I personally love the direction that certain animated movies have taken with more adult themed humor. It would have been awesome to see how Chris Farley could have put his stamp on the animated film world if he could have finished it.

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