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Guy Does Impersonations Of 58 Celebrities That Are So Close To The Real Thing It’s Scary

Celebrity impersonations are something that not everybody can do. If you are like me, you try but miserably fail at it. I guess if you got the talent, why not use it, right? Especially if it is a talent that is entertaining and funny at the same time? That is exactly the case for a young man, known as the Voiceraptor. He has a talent that might seem useless, but with over 35,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel alone, I think it is safe to say that the people thoroughly enjoy his work. Watch Charlie Hopkinson go through 58 celebrity impersonations in less than 10 minutes, including celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Jesse, Walt and Gus from Breaking Bad, Tom Hanks, and an awesome Barack Obama.

Amazing, right? I can’t even impersonate one person, let alone 58 of them. But wait, there is more. He has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to his impersonations and he adds more every single week. Check it out here.

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