Lazy Cat Refuses To Get Up To Drink Water

Lazy Cat Refuses To Get Up To Drink Water

Cats definitely have a unique reputation in the animal kingdom. Usually when someone is describing a cat, one of these words will be used: mean, stubborn, aloof, sneaky, and just straight up jerks. However, cats do have a lighter side, and can be very silly and funny at times. Some of the movements they make and positions they lay in are extremely camera worthy. Hell, a cat is one of the most popular memes on the internet, though it is Grumpy Cat which lends credence to the original thoughts on cats. This cat though brings a whole new quality to that list; extremely lazy. This cat may be the next step in the evolutionary process for felines, and apparently it thinks it’s royalty with the way it is dropping the water right into its open mouth. The look it gives you at the beginning of the video just reaffirms this kitties smugness, you can just feel it when he looks at you. He is pretty much saying, “Yeah, I know you’re filming me, and it’s cause I’m awesome.” This cat drinking with its paw sure is a pre-madonna.

Check Out This Cat Drinking With Its Paw!

Such a weird little fella. I’ve owned cats before, and I can attest that they are some of the weirdest creatures out there. They can be great loyal pets, but a lot of a the times they are just jerks who like to cause you problems for no reason. Quirky behavior is a reason a lot of people like cats though. Dogs are very generic and are almost always happy to see you, cats need to have their love earned and believe me it isn’t easy. I rescued my old cat from a tree in the middle of winter in Michigan and it still liked my step mom more than me. You can’t please everyone I guess.

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