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These People Found The Most Disgusting Spider I’ve Ever Seen While Camping

These People Found The Most Disgusting Spider I've Ever Seen While Camping

Spiders are the thing of nightmares for many people. It could be the 8 legs, or the exposed fangs, but there is little doubt that a fear is spiders is probably one of the most common fears you’ll ever hear about. There are spiders of all shapes and sizes throughout the world, but one of the most well-known (and feared) is the camel spider. During my deployment to Afghanistan, I came in contact with a few camel spiders. While they are definitely scary looking, and extremely big they are actually quite harmless. They are not poisonous, and no, they don’t want to eat you. The reason many people think this though, is because camel spiders don’t like sunlight. I would be walking around, and a camel spider would start to follow because it tries to stay in the shade of your shadow. Hence, people think they are chasing them down trying to eat them! This isn’t the case however, but that doesn’t make them any better to look at. Check out this crazy spider in the video below.

If you’re scared of spiders, none of the information above probably makes a bit of difference to you. Even with all that extra knowledge, these will probably never look like anything but giant monsters who are hell-bent on eating you. The reality is that these animals are relatively harmless though, and they don’t have any malicious intent. That doesn’t mean I’ll cross paths with one of my own free will, I still tried to avoid them as much as possible.

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