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Two Guys At The Beach Hilariously Show How To NOT Play Frisbee

Two Guys At The Beach Hilariously Show How To NOT Play Frisbee

Have you ever seen someone doing an activity so completely wrong, that you just had to stop everything you were doing just to watch? Maybe even take out your phone and record this said activity so others can enjoy the show as well? That’s exactly what was happening when this film was inspired by two men from Bosnia who were playing Frisbee. Only they are throwing the Frisbee in a way that I have never seen before. It’s almost like they are throwing it like you would throw a ball. It just looks silly because most people at least know the concept of how to throw a Frisbee, with a flick of the wrist from the side so that it soars to your partner, if not knowing exactly how to execute a correct throw. These men seem to either be clueless in the art Frisbee throwing or they just gave up and did their own thing.

After watching these Bosnian men have so much fun in the water with their freestyle Frisbee game, you know you will try this technique the next time you get out the old Frisbee.  If you’re anything like me, this way of tossing a Frisbee might actually have a chance of getting to the person you’re throwing to instead of veering off in the wrong direction. I never have been very good at throwing a Frisbee and these men have inspired me to try again! I just hope that no one near me has a camera phone to catch my new-found Frisbee chucking style on video for the whole world-wide web to see! What are your thoughts?

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