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This ‘Boaterhome’ Is An RV That Shits Out A Yacht

This 'Boaterhome' Is An RV That Shits Out A Yacht

Have you ever heard of or had the pleasure of seeing a boaterhome? This is a hybrid RV boat that is ridiculously awesome. It is customized to be both a boat and an RV. This RV and boat in one has outdoor enthusiasts and boat lovers everywhere in awe. This particular RV boat shown is a 1987 Watercraft Sports King. It takes a cab from a 1986 Ford E-series and the rear consists of a 28 foot boat. There are reportedly 20 other ones floating around. I am hoping that those numbers will soon be rising. Unlike a traditional boat, which wastes precious living space while suspended on a trailer unless in the water, the boaterhome allows for full access to the living area as the boat seamlessly connects to the trailer/tow vehicle through the use of a hatch.

A company called JDK Enterprises was said to want to revive the plan, and build an even bigger and better boaterhome. However nothing has yet come to fruition. There was a boaterhome that went up for auction awhile back and sold for $21,000. Not a bad deal for a boat by itself, let alone a boat and a RV in one.

This 'Boaterhome' Is An RV That Shits Out A Yacht

Here is a detailed look at the inside.

Would you want one of these boaterhomes? I think it’s a great idea. Not only does it save space, but you can utilize the entire square footage of the vessel. Plus you don’t have to worry about storing both an RV and a boat. If you have space for one, then you are good to go!

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