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Blindfolded Kids Can Still Find Mom Proving Invisible Bond Between Kids And Moms

Blindfolded Kids Can Still Find Mom Proving Invisible Bond Between Kids And Moms

Most people have five senses which are: Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, and Hearing. However, it is said that if you take one of your five senses away it can help magnify your other senses.  It may be this reason that these 6 children were able to find their own mother in a row of other women after having their sense of sight taken away with a blindfold. But it may be more than that.  The connection between a parent and child is extremely strong, and I believe it was a 6th sense that allowed these children to do so easily what you would expect to be difficult for a child.  Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. You can feel the love these mothers have for their children and the worry that the kids might not find their way, but the kids know and can sense their own mother’s love for them letting them know with whom they belong.  I would recommend getting a tissue before watching this video:

Before having children of my own, I never realized how strong love could be for another person.  The love you have for your own child can be overwhelmingly powerful. It’s a different kind of love than you would have ever thought possible until you experience it yourself. I was so happy for each mother and child as they were reunited and the blindfold was removed to reveal the mother’s joy in their child knowing who they are. I couldn’t help but picture myself doing this with my own children and it touched my heart.

This just proves the invisible bond between kids and moms.

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