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22-Year-Old Shows Off Incredible Beatboxing Skills While Playing The Recorder

22-Year-Old Shows Off Incredible Beatboxing Skills While Playing The Recorder

I have to admit that when I see my kids bring home recorders from school it makes me shudder. I dread the sharp pitches and random squeals that our entire household will be forced to endure for at least a week or two as they practice the same songs over and over again.  Unfortunately, the school thinks it’s important for them to learn this obnoxious instrument.  I understand that they use the recorder as a gateway instrument to introduce them to reading sheet music but can’t they find something with a more mellow tone that isn’t the equivalent to nails on chalkboards? I believe that the teachers enjoy sending it home as payback for having to deal with obnoxious children all day!

I had never listened to a song played on the recorder with enjoyment until I heard Medhat Mamdouh play his recorder. This 22-year-old from Cairo, Egypt is self-taught and has been playing the recorder since he was 14 years old. He had a dream to be great and has accomplished that dream, winning first place in the Nokia Free Style Show, Advertising for a Pizza chain, making a movie about free style with Nokia. He was a finalist on Arabs Got Talent and his video has had over 10 million views, making it one of the top 20 videos in the world which has also lead him to many TV and Radio interviews. All because of his amazing talent on a recorder, of all instruments!

I will still shudder whenever I see my kids walk through the doors with their own recorders, however Medhat Mamdouh has proven to me that anything is possible with a lot of hard work, determination and a dream to take your interests to the next level. If he can do this with a recorder then anything is possible if we just believe!

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