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Helmet Cam Captures Crazy Footage Of Mountain Biker Getting Chased By Bear

Helmet Cam Captures Crazy Footage Of Mountain Biker Getting Chased By Bear

Take a minute and imagine riding your bike along a wooded path like you always do. You enjoy spending your time riding on a trail that you are very familiar with, because you do it all the time. This trail is located in the mountains, covered with lush greenery along with tons of trees surrounding you in pretty much every direction. You just bought a new GoPro, and it seems like a great time to use your new camera to capture the beauty that is surrounding you. And then as if it’s almost on cue, you see something out of the corner of your eye. Watch below to find out what that something is.

This would be the most terrifying thing that would ever happen to a person! We’ve seen the video of the mountain lion just hanging out at the popular ski resort, but this bear was actually chasing him! And not only that, he had to jump over fallen branches, then when he lost momentum, he had to hide in hopes that the bear wouldn’t sniff him out. What would you do with a bearchasing you like that? I know I would be riding faster than I ever have before.

Is your heart beating fast like mine is?

Written by Erica Hatch

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