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Bear Literally Jumps For Joy After Being Rescued

Bear Literally Jumps For Joy After Being Rescued

The illegal animal trade is a huge problem worldwide. The profit from illegal animal products around the world is extremely high. Humans will do anything for a dollar it seems. Many species of rhinos in Africa are now extinct because poachers simple kill them and cut off their horn. The practice of torturing animals simply for a product they produce is absolutely disgusting and should be wiped out from the planet. That’s why when you hear about animals being rescued from these huge operations where they are tortured day and night out of sheer greed, it really makes your heart happy. Well Tuffy was one of 6 bears rescued from a bear bile farm in Vietnam. Bear bile is used in traditional medicine, and is a valued commodity. As a result, there are camps all throughout Vietnam and China that stuff bears into tiny cages and harvest their bile. Tuffy has been at the Animal Asia rehabilitation center for a few months now, and he is finally in his own enclosure. The video of him being free for the first time is absolutely magical and will fill your heart with pure joy. Check it out below!

That is one happy bear! It’s so good to see that Tuffy’s energy and spirit haven’t been completed shattered by the evil humans who put him through so much pain. I honestly wouldn’t blame him if he hated humans for the rest of his life, he would have more reason than many animals. Hopefully this signals the beginning of a new life for Tuffy, who can simply enjoy being a bear and everything that comes along with it!

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