Stranded Great White Rescued By Brave Beachgoers

Stranded Great White Rescued By Brave Beachgoers

There are a lot of reasons that people are afraid to venture forth into the great abyss. There are scary creatures down there. And if you haven’t taken the time to get to know how they react, you probably have no business being around them. Horror films have been written about creatures from the depths of the ocean for a reason, they’re  terrifying. What could be worse than coming face to face with one of these creatures? I’ll tell you what is… When all the sudden they’re no longer in the water and you discover them on dry land! Maybe movies like Godzilla have warped my perspective. I, personally, find the creatures that live under the sea to be quite remarkable and fascinating. If I were to stumble across a beached shark, you better believe that the fear of the creature would go right out the window in favor of helping this, now helpless, creature return to his home. Gratefully, that is just what these beach goers decided to do when they came across this 7-foot beached shark.
Off the shores of a beach in Chatham, Massachusetts, this great white shark was trying to catch seagulls when it found a way to maroon himself upon the shore. Beachgoers splashed water on the beached shark, from a safe distance of course. This thoughtful action kept the great white alive until the proper authorities could arrive and take over the rescue.

Enjoy the full length video below.


Hopefully all went well, he will make a full recovery and learn a little lesson about trying to capture food too close to the beach. The lesson that this little guy has got to take home is this… If he stays in his area, we’ll stay in our area, and nobody has got to get hurt.

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