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Man Cuts Bamboo Shark From His Egg Sack

Man Cuts Bamboo Shark From His Egg Sack

If there is one thing we have learned about nature, it’s to never assume anything. Scientists have made many predictions about the inner workings of nature, and many of them have been wrong. When I started watching this video, I thought this guy was just cutting into a crustacean for some reason. After a minute though, it became clear it was definitely something more than that. I honestly couldn’t believe what happened at the end. This doesn’t seem possible!

What just happened here? Well apparently this was the egg sack for a baby Bamboo Shark. It’s amazing it was able to fit in this tiny egg sack when you see how big it is when it’s out. I would like to know if this was an emergency situation where this pup could not get out, or if this is a normal thing to do have to do to allow them to be free. Either way it’s a fascinating video.

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