Dad Spends 3 Years Building Epic Backyard BBQ Steam Engine Smoker

Dad Spends 3 Years Building Epic Backyard BBQ Steam Engine Smoker

There are some amateur backyard builders and then there are some master backyard builders. People who truly go above and beyond the normal and showcase their talents with some absolutely incredible builds. We’ve seen awesome patios, some awesome tree houses, even high dollar sports cars but I’ve never seen anything like this. This guy goes by the name Illinois Slim and created something that would be envied but just about every single person I know. In fact it took him 3 years to build. It’s something that will make your mouth water and your jaw hit the floor. Take a look at the most epic backyard BBQ build you could imagine.

I can only imagine how delicious the food off this backyard BBQ build is. If he puts this much time into his backyard BBQ build I can only imagine just how delicious the food that Illinois Slim cooks is. Talk about a BBQ with all the bells and whistles, literally. I wonder if he could build a caboose that doubles as a fridge to store the meats or even an outdoor dining room. This is a DIY project reserved for the professionals and Illinois Slim knows exactly what he’s doing.

Written by Chris Stuber

Chris Stuber loves the outdoors and has a huge passion for life, family and friends. He's the happiest guy you'll meet. He lives his life to the fullest and is always on a quest for knowledge. Chris enjoys the little things and has a thirst for adventure. You can usually find him hiking in the mountains, kayaking on a lake or in his garage building something unique.

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